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We make getting around easy for RCU employees in multiple areas in Alula, Share your ride now for free

Service area

Service coverage map



Service Description

We provide ride sharing transportation trips within the residential complex of AlUla area for all AlUla employees who are subscribed to the service.

Service Areas
The service operated in specific parts of the Aramco residential complex in Dhahran area. The service coverage can be identified through the “Rekab Solutions Company” application.
Service Hours
The service operates from 8:00 AM until 10:00 PM.


Usage Instructions

As a ride sharing transportation service, we kindly request everyone to carry personal belongings in one piece of luggage, such as a reasonably sized personal bag.
Service Policy
Changing the destination after the journey starts is not allowed due to the presence of other passengers in the shared ride.
Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Additionally, bringing pets inside the vehicle is not allowed.

Request a Servie

How to Request the Service

The “Rekab Solutions Company” application is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Easily subscribe by entering your personal information and click here for more information.

To use the “Rekab Solutions Company” application, select the pickup and drop-off locations within the Aramco residential complex where the service is available.

After completing your trip, you can rate both the trip and the driver.

General instructions

General instructions provided for you to enjoy your trip

Make sure to get all personal belongings when you get off the van.
This trip is a shared ride it is possible to board other passengers on the same trip.
Smoking, vaping, eating and drinking are not allowed during the trip.
Contact us if you have any suggestions or concerns at 920000354.

user's manual

Read the user's manual