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About us

Rekab is the first ridesharing company in Saudi Arabia.

We offer a convenient, affordable, and sustainable smart on-demand mobility solution that takes multiple passengers heading in the same direction and books them into a shared vehicle.

Think of Rekab as a vehicle that is smart enough to come when you want it and where you want it. Our platform connects riders heading in the same direction, making it easy for people to share rides.

There does not need to be a trade off between affordable transport , quality and convenience. We are empowering the workforce of Saudi Arabia and MENA towards greater economic and environmental equality

Since our launch in June 2021, Rekab has become the leader in Ride-Sharing in the Kingdom in the Region.

Our Rekab fleet is now available and ready to take you on your next trip in Dammam, Riyadh & Jeddah, and we plan to aggressively increase our footprint within our active cities and scale Rekab to more cities in the Kingdom and in MENA.

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